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August 17, 2010 / whyhansdantes


Uncyclopedia is an encyclopedia full of misinformation and lies. Not that I meant laying siege on the quite aptly-named “encyclopedia,” but this is how the site introduces itself – honest-to-goodness.

The site’s format basically pays homage – or, rather, in Uncyclopedia’s context, sarcasm directed towards Wikipedia – not that Wikipedia is devoid of any misinformation and the like, or so the critics would claim. But the site’s deliberate distortion of anything over and under the sun is so stark that the similarity ends with the cleanliness of the format, which at a glance radiates the same credibility as the encyclopedia it parodies. But then you stop by and find articles concerning Cat-Toast Devices, links entitled “Do NOT click any links!” and entries on Whimpiness (one term the site uses to refer to Peace).

Of course, as with many parodies, one primary purpose of Uncyclopedia is humor – albeit sarcastic and offensive one too many times.

As said in its mission statement, however lax its tone may seem:
“The mission of Uncyclopedia is to provide the world’s misinformation in the least redeeming and most searingly sarcastic and humorous way possible. Offense is exceptionally likely, expected, and to be renowned while reading the Uncyclopedia.”

The offenses may range from petty insults and unrestricted use of cuss words, to racist and/or sexist remarks and portrayals. Guaranteed, this site is neither for the faint-hearted, nor for any human rights advocate, who may indeed be inflamed, nor for the cold and logical, considering the spontaneity and off-tangent reasoning that couples the sarcasm in every article.

Granted, Uncyclopedia may have many contents far too intolerable even for a parody site, though at times it can be seen as tamer than those of counterparts such as Encyclopedia Dramatica, its name obviously parodying well-renowned Encyclopedia Britannica.

However, amidst all the senselessness and abusive language, there’s always that underlying hint of truth and wit in the way it tries to be funny. The ridiculously broad range of topics and its rich awareness of issues combined with internet memes are probably other reasons why they could get away with it.


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