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February 3, 2011 / whyhansdantes

Free Online Photo Editor

When in a tight spot and with the PC sporting nothing but MS Paint and an internet connection, online picture editors might save the day – especially if your photo needs simple but way beyond basic editing capabilities.

Take this Free Online Photo Editor from Zygomatic, for example.  It’s my first time looking up online editors, but a whiff of googling and clicking can get you there.

On getting started: a photo editor is useless without a photo to edit. Free Online Photo Editor allows for immediate upload from both the computer and from a URL – the latter is not usually evident, if ever present in “offline” editors. Online editors, on the other hand, offer this feature on-the-go; internet photos are downloaded in an instant by  direct upload instead of more cumbersome saving processes offline.

Editing the photo can also be achieved with a few clicks. Aside from the basic resizing and brightness manipulation, the Free Online Photo Editor also has built-in special effects, such as Posterize, Emboss, Charcoal and Sepia (see below) – features just like in more advanced softwares like Adobe Photoshop.

If you’re not in possession of such softwares, or if you’re not quite satisfied with built-in basic services, you can always try these online editors. After all, it’s free stuff.

On second thought, however, free stuff come with their own limitations. This editor, for example, automatically resizes the final pictures to 800 x 600 resolution. While this isn’t much of an issue, some people get baffled when some pictures are as huge as they expected. (The free editor has a link to a more advanced version, but it requires users to register, which in itself may also be a hassle – at least to some.)

Furthermore, its online nature makes it very dependent on the internet connection – laggard networks would spell doom for every effect you add.

Despite this, free online photo editors have the potential to provide users with decent and immediate assistance, as aptly demonstrated by my background change  below.

 BEFORE:                                                      AFTER:


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  1. RGBC / Feb 17 2011 3:16 am

    Not bad for an emergency photo fix!

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